Classroom Precautions during the pandemic:

- Edmonton and Alberta guidelines are being followed

- upon arrival, please use the hand sanitizer or wash your hands (your preference).

- masks are mandatory to wear during class.

- if you feel unwell do not attend class.

- you will be working alone in class, vs. working in groups.  

- the skills remain the same but you will work on your own mannequin and other equipment.

- your first aid and CPR classes will be kept as safe as possible.

Classroom Precautions as of Dec 1st

Reach Training is participating in the Government of Alberta Restrictions Exemption Program. In accordance with the guidelines masks are still required to be worn during class.   


As you enter class, you will need to show your personal identification (such as a driver’s licence) along with ONE of the following:

  1. Proof of double vaccination (QR code on phone or printed copy).


  2. Proof of a privately-paid negative Covid-19 rapid test (PCR or Rapid) result taken within 72 hours of class (note that the test may NOT be from Alberta Health Service or Alberta Precision Laboratories) as per Government of Alberta guidelines.


  3. Original (non-copied) documentation of a medical exemption letter.

Please note you only need ONE of the three listed above.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.  As always, everything you touch has been cleaned before your arrival and  will be cleaned after class.  See you at class!